Top Mobile Hacks You Should Know

In this fast moving world where technology developments are reaching new heights, one needs to be aware of so many things with regard to technology. Smartphones have never been so good before. Today, everyone has a smartphone and it is a known fact that you can do pretty much everything with this brilliant little gadget.

Here are the basic 4 mobile hacks you should know.

  • Get the Latest Updates on Your Phone: Most of the people wait for Android to release any sort of updates officially and by the time they get the updates on their phones, it would have become a few weeks. However, one need not wait for so long as there are a lot of people who work on the releasing their own reliable updates, you will be able to root your phone so that you can install many such update when the developer releases it.

4 mobile hacks

  • Gmote Apps: One of the main reasons as to why people purchase smartphone is that they can play their desired videos and songs. But this often comes with a lot of restrictions, especially when it comes to the storage space. For a lot of people, just the songs and video files are saved up in their personal computers, and just a few of such files are saved in their smartphones. There is great news. There is an interesting hack, which lets one stream the songs from the PC to the smartphone with the use of Wi-Fi, and the app that makes it possible is the Gmote App.

4 mobile hacks

  • Root Your Device and Start Playing Retro Games: If you are a gamer or if you love playing games, then this will be great news for you. There is a small hack, which allows you to play some real great games on your android phone. Amoeboid is an app, which will let you play some real good games on your phone.

4 mobile hacks

  • Install Those Apps That Only Root on Your Device: You can install the root only apps; it will open a brand new possibility and you will be able to take some tasks, which are not generally supported by proper android software, which is generally shipped with the phones from the manufacturer. You will be able to set up a root app, which will let you get access to the additional memory on the device. It will thereby make it much faster, particularly when multiple apps are running.

4 mobile hacks

These are some of the real useful hacks that you should be aware of.

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