Top 5 Cheapest Dual SIM Mobile Phones in India

Le Eco 1s Eco

It’s a phone that created a benchmark with its smart features. Tagged at Rs.9999, it is one of the versatile phones with inbuilt content freebies that make Le Eco one of the leading smartphone sellers in the country. The camera and battery life are the USP of the product.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite

It’s one of the coolest phones available in the marketat just Rs.6999.The smartphone has proved itself as the frontrunner. In a couple of months since its inception, the handset has grabbed substantial volume of buyers. Features like dual SIM, fingerprint sensor and good battery life have made the brand to experience a smooth-sailing journey in the country.

Infocus Bingo 50

Being one of the coolest mobiles in the market, it stands out in most of the categories. It is priced at Rs.8339.Being a dual SIM mobile, it has many other tremendous features.The camera quality can really bedazzle anyone and it can be a tough competitor in the same range of phones.

Xolo Era 4k

In the tough market, numerous foreign brands have positioned themselves with strong features. But in the dual SIM category, Xolo Era 4k holds a prominent position with 4G connectivity as it not only offers most of the features that an ideal mid-range cell phone has, but it also adds zest to styling aspect aswell.

Karbonn Quattro L50 HD

Tagged at just Rs.6000, KarbonnQuatrtro L50 HD is one of the cheapest phones in the market now with dual SIM and other smart features. The design and display are the USP of the phone. With a tight budget, making a notion of having compromised features would be a blunder.

These are the top 5 cheapest dual sim mobile phones in the country and these mobiles have the capacity to compete with any other brand in the world.In the cheapest dual SIM mobile segment, there are many other mobiles even much cheaper than the handsets mentioned in the article.But these are the handhelds, which balance the price and features and ultimately give you an amazing mobile experience.

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