7 Awesome Cell Phone Accessories That You Need Not Buy!

Mobiles phones are pretty vital for every phone user and many of them are giving importance to cell phone accessories too. These accessories are pretty important because some of them protect your phone, while others make it look more attractive, and add functionality. Every year, people spend a good deal of money buying those funky cell phone accessories, so we thought why not educate everyone, and assist them in making their own accessories at home. It is recommended not to spend money on these. So, let’s see how you can make these resourceful accessories on your own –

Cell Phone Stand

We usually find cell phone stands everywhere these days. These stands are available in unique forms, patterns, and colors. Cell phone stands are available in the market in different price ranges. If you want to save money, you can make a stand of your own. You can make unique cell phone stands with simple materials like cardboard, paper or chart paper, and decorate in a cool manner.

Portable Speaker

Today, almost every cell phone comes with an MP3 player and it also allows users to listen to their favorite songs. Music in the cell phones can be heard via speakers or head phones. Purchasing an external speaker to listen to music from a cell phone is an utter waste of money. You can save money and also increase the sound quality of the phone by keeping your phone inside a paper cup or cereal cup.  You will notice a remarkable difference in the volume immediately.

Screen Protector

Screen protector is very efficient when it comes to touch-screen phones. Apart from screen protectors, users can use scratch guard for all mobile devices. Usually, scratch guards are not cheaper in terms of rates. Vinyl is pretty cheap and it can also be used as a good screen protector for all your devices. You don’t really need to put your efforts on making them, because a think vinyl sheet itself works as a screen-guard.

USB Chargers

Phone battery usually gets drained out at a faster pace. If you do not want to waste money on purchasing a USB charger, then you could probably make one of your own. You can make a USB charger at home by using Altoids Tin.

Altoids Tins make use of AAA batteries, which fit your pocket perfectly. It also allows you to charge the battery during emergencies. Solar powered charger can also be used for charging purposes.

Headset with Inbuilt Remote

If you see a pair of headphones with iPhone, it has got an in-built remote control micro phone. If you need a similar type of headphone, you can join the current remote micro phone into the headphone, and turn your headphone into a remote controlled device.

Mini Charging Wires

If you want to purchase mini charging cables, you need not to buy them again. Take your existing charging cable and shorten it with a wire stripper and you can turn it into a mini charger. These mini charging wires are comfortable, and easy to carry.

Touch-screen Gloves

If you are staying in a place with cold climate, you would be wearing gloves and it becomes difficult for you to use touch screen in such conditions. Instead of wasting money on purchasing touch screen friendly gloves, you can make one with the help of conductive threads. This might be a better alternative to use on touch screen handsets without any hassle.

Mobile Cases

Mobile cases are much more essential and also offer total protection to your phone. Instead of purchasing costly cases, you can make one on your own by making use of materials such as rubber and cloth. These hand-made cases will be innovative.

So, save money by avoiding buying these mobile accessories, while you can get a bit creative by making these on your own.

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